Tops and Bottoms Activities for Kindergarten

Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens is one of my favorite books to read to my students.   So of course, it’s perfect for a Fun Friday!  Create a whole day of fun wrapped around this adorable children’s book.   This is a great book to read in May along with other Janet Stevens books, creating a fun author study. 

tops and bottoms book with activity pages

Reading Workshop

Before you read the Tops and Bottoms book to your students, it might be helpful to talk about how vegetables grow.  Explain to them about how some vegetables grow under ground as roots and some vegetables grow on plants above the ground.  Showing pictures can be really helpful.  As you read the book, stop and ask text dependent questions.  You might ask How did Hare trick Bear? or How is Bear feeling?  How do you know?  For more help with text dependent questions or if you want the work done for you, complete with lessons plans, check out our Interactive Read Aloud resource for Tops and Bottoms.  More information at the bottom of this page.

teacher holding book tops and bottoms

Writing Workshop

Reread Tops and Bottoms.  Discuss with students who the characters are in this story.  Have students draw a picture of and write about the characters in the story.    


This fun math page is perfect for your Tops and Bottoms Fun Friday. 


For science, have your students plant a vegetable seed!  First, talk about what a plant needs.  Bring in seeds, paper or styrofoam cups, and soil.  Have kids decorate their cups, fill them with soil and pick which vegetable they want to plant.  Send home the plants and remind students their plants will need sun and water to grow.  For more plant activities, click here to read about our Plant Unit for Kindergarteners

Tops and Bottoms Coloring Pages

Use this coloring page any time you need a filler during the day.  You can use it for early finishers or pass it out at centers time. 

Tops and Bottoms Snack Idea

This story will get your kids excited to eat their veggies.  Cut up some carrots and celery.   Maybe serve them with hummus and/or ranch.   While you’re students are enjoying their snack, discuss how they relate to the story.  Ask them if the carrots and celery are tops vegetables or bottoms vegetables. 

snack consisting of carrots and celery next to the book tops and bottoms

Free Tops and Bottoms Printables

We have some free fun Tops and Bottoms activities for you; our math sheet, coloring page and characters page.  Click here for these Tops and Bottoms freebies!

Tops and Bottoms Interactive Read Aloud

We have also created a 3 day Interactive Read Aloud resource for Tops and Bottoms. This resource comes complete with:

  • 3 days of detailed lesson plans with book introductions, text dependent questions, vocabulary, and common core standards
  • 14 differentiated writing pages
  • Story elements anchor charts
  • Cute and fun craft to decorate your classroom or send home to showcase student work

This resource aligns with the science of reading.  It is research based, easy to implement and aligned with the common core standards.

More Read Aloud Fun

We are so passionate about reading wonderful children’s books and creating a love for reading with our students.  Check out some of our other read aloud blogs, like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Activites, Activities for The Mixed Up Chameleon, or Rainbow Fish Activities

And please let us know if you use any of these fun resources with your kids.  We love seeing pictures and hearing about how other classes enjoy these activities. 

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