The BEST Kindergarten Halloween Activities

At the beginning of my teaching career, Halloween made me nervous thinking about how crazy of a day it could be with silly kids.  I learned quickly how to keep my day structured on Halloween so as not to have a crazy day, but still plan lots of fun Halloween activities for my students.  Read below for a bunch of great kindergarten Halloween ideas. 

kindergarten halloween acitivities

Kindergarten Halloween Reading Activities

During our reading block, I read my students a great Halloween book and had them do a reading response.  My favorite book to read them was Ghosts in the House.  This is such a cute story and is perfect to complete a beginning, middle, and end graphic organizer.  It has a clear beginning and ending with many events in between.  You can purchase our beginning, middle, and end graphic organizer included in our story elements products as seen below in the picture.  Read our blog to learn about how we teach story elements in kindergarten.  Click on the title of Ghosts in the House to purchase from Amazon. 

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Ghosts in the House is a children's book.

Ghosts in the House by Kazuno Kohara: Your kids will love this story about a girl and her cat who went to live in a big old house with just one problem… it was haunted!  Fortunately, this girl isn’t just a girl.  She is a witch, and she knows just what to do with all the ghosts!

During independent reading time, introduce this fun easy reader to your students.  Model how to read the book, then find and circle the sight words and/or number words in the book.  Your students will love reading, finding sight words, and coloring this cute Halloween book

Kindergarten Halloween Writing

This Halloween writing activity was always so much fun for my students.  They wrote about what they were going to be for Halloween.  I first modeled it by telling them what I was going to be and then drawing a picture of myself and writing a sentence.  Next I had students turn and talk to a partner about how they were going to dress up.  I created a Halloween word bank on the board by writing their responses.  Then I had students complete a Halloween writing worksheet like the picture below.  If a student wasn’t going trick or treating, they could write about any costume they wanted. 

Kindergarten Halloween Math Activities

Math was always exciting on Halloween, because it was pumpkin math!  It’s so much fun to bring a pumpkin to your class and investigate it with your students.  You could also get enough small pumpkins so your kids can have their own pumpkin to investigate.  (I always asked parents to donate about 2 or 3 weeks before needed.)  I used the math manipulatives in my classroom to measure our class pumpkin.  After completing the fun Halloween math worksheet (see below), my students voted on what they wanted the face of our class pumpkin to look like.  I either carved the face that won the vote, or drew the face with a black sharpie marker. 

Kindergarten Halloween Science

This fun and easy Halloween science experiment is perfect for Kindergarten.  You will love how simple this is, and your students will love how fun it is.  I had my kids sit in a circle, so they could all see the experiment.  I used a small bag of Reese’s Pieces candies, a plate, and warm water.  First, I arranged some of the orange candies in the shape of a pumpkin on the plate.  Then, I asked my students to hypothesize what will happen when I pour the warm water on the plate with the candies.   After discussing their hypotheses, I pour the water on the plate and we watch the colors run.  Then we talk about what we learned when the warm water got on the candies.  We have a free simple scientific method chart which is great for this experiment.    

Kindergarten Crafts for Halloween

Creating ghost mosaics was fun and a great decoration for the classroom.  I gave my students a piece of black construction paper, a few white strips of construction paper and three black small squares of construction paper.  Using a white crayon, I had them draw an outline of a ghost (big hump with squiggly line at bottom).  They tore the white strips into squares.  I had them start gluing their white squares on the ghost outline.  Then they filled in the rest of their ghost by gluing white squares in the middle.  Finally, they cut the corners off of the small black squares and glued these on for the eyes and mouth of the ghost.   

halloween craft

Kindergarten Halloween Snack Ideas

There are so many wonderful Halloween snack ideas.  One of the easiest and fun snacks I’ve found is banana ghosts.  I cut some bananas in half and gave my students three chocolate chips.  I had them push the chocolate chips into the banana to make eyes and a mouth to create a ghost. 

halloween ghost snack

Kindergarten Halloween Songs

These YouTube kindergarten Halloween songs are great when you have some extra time in your day. 

Halloween Stomp (2:40) – Your kids will be up and moving and dancing along with this Halloween video.  

More Kindergarten Halloween Books

I read Halloween books throughout the day.  One book I made sure to read at some point during the day was The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.  Your students get to stomp, stomp, shake, shake, clap, clap… all the way through the book.  See below for this great Halloween book and some of my other favorites.  Click on the titles to purchase from Amazon.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams, illustrated by Megan Lloyd

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything is a picture book.

Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman, illustrated by S. D. Schindler

Big Pumpkin is a children's book.

Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden by George Levenson, photography by Shmuel Thaler

Pumpkin Circle is a children's book.

Five Little Pumpkins pictures by Dan Yaccarino

Five Little Pumpkins is a children's book.

Kindergarten Halloween Worksheets

You can purchase the Halloween worksheets found in this blog.  Our Halloween worksheet packet includes an easy reader in black and white and color, differentiated writing worksheets, math worksheets, and kindergarten Halloween coloring pages.  

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