Your Schedule for Kindergarten

As a kindergarten teacher, I know the importance of a good schedule for kindergarten.  It is crucial to know what time of day your students can stay focused on academics and when they will need a break.  At my school the kindergarten team worked together to perfect the schedule for our students.  This schedule might not work for everyone, especially if your school has certain requirements, but you can tweak it to make it work for you.  This is for full day kindergarten. 

Kindergarten Schedule

We decided to put all literacy in the mornings because our students were far better focused in the mornings than the afternoons.   Since our school placed a huge importance on literacy, we wanted our students to be at their peak during this time.  This left math, science, social studies and specials (P.E., Art, and Music) for the afternoon.  We also gave more breaks in the afternoon and that seemed to keep them more engaged.

Sample Kindergarten Schedule

This kindergarten schedule template is for the main part of the year.  The first couple of weeks of school might look different.  We spent the first couple of weeks going over rituals and routines, getting to know each other, touring the school, and doing extra bathroom breaks.  As the year progresses, the schedule can change depending on your students’ needs (i.e. longer writing and shorter skills).


Picture Schedule for Kindergarten

These picture cards are great to hang in your classroom.  I put them on my wall in the front of my classroom and I referenced it often.  It is helpful for students to know what to expect in their day.  At the beginning of each day, I went over the entire schedule with my students.  After students got familiar with our schedule, the special helper took this job over.


  • Print the kindergarten schedule cards on cardstock and laminate them before adding the time to them. Use wet erase markers to add the time after laminating.  This makes it much easier to adjust the time.
  • Hang the cards directly on your wall or put them in a pocket chart.

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