Presidents Day for Kindergarten

Presidents day for Kindergarten looks a bit different than it does for children who are older and can discuss politics, Lincoln’s assassination, and battles led by George Washington.  So, to save you time and help you have a fun and engaging Kindergarten Presidents Day, we have compiled a list of kinder-friendly, educational, teacher approved (and some teacher created) resources. We hope you enjoy.

presidents day book for kindergarten

Presidents Day Videos

If you are looking for a good Presidents Day for kindergarten video, we have created a list for you to choose from.

So You Want to be President | Kid Reporter Siroos Pasdar for Scholastic News (2:10): Learn what it would be like to be President with this cute, kid-friendly and very informative video.   

President of United States Job | Candidates and Responsibility | Kids Academy (3:14): This video explains what the President does, how the President is elected, and where the President lives and works. 

THE PRESIDENT! children’s song about Washington and Lincoln (1:48): Here’s a cute rap about Washington and Lincoln to help your kids remember these 2 presidents.

U.S. Presidents Song for Kids – Washington to Biden – Learn the Presidents & Inauguration Year (4:44): This fun and catchy rap song names and shows pictures of all the presidents up to President Biden.

Presidents Day Books

There are many cute children’s books about Presidents Day.  Here are a few of our favorites.  We have included links to the online read aloud version.

Celebrating President’s Day: What Is a President? (1:50): This is a short and simple presidents day book for kindergarten. 

President’s Day (Abdo Kids) | Books for Kids | Children’s Book | Story Book | Kid Books | Read Along (3:14): This is a read aloud of the book Presidents Day by Meredith Dash.  It is short, to the point and has real photographs.  

Grace for President:by Kelly DiPucchio (9:14): This book is a bit higher level, but if you add some text dependent questions, and stop occasionally to discuss the story with your kindergartners, it is adorable! With this story, your kids will learn all about the American electoral process as Grace runs for President in a mock election.  This book is recommended for 1st-3rd .

Democracy for Kids: Presidents Day Activities for Kindergarten

If you are looking for fun, engaging and complete lessons on the Presidency and the voting process, check out our 3 day unit, Democracy for Kids.  With this resource you get the following: detailed lesson plans with objectives and vocabulary for all 3 days; 26 interactive google slideshow pages; 12 printable and differentiated writing templates, ballot sheets, and alphabet animal posters so your students can have their own mock election with these cute and competent animals. 

More Teacher Approved Videos

If you are in need of more teacher approved videos, check out our other blogs: Kindergarten Learning Videos, Teacher Approved Math Videos, Mardi Gras for Kids, Kindergarten Distance Learning.

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