Plant Activities for Kindergarten in Every Subject

This plant unit for kindergarten includes lessons in Reading, Writing, Math, Skills, and Science! Imagine a whole week of lessons already done for you in every subject!  There are over 90 pages included in this unit.  Read on to learn all about our plant activities for kindergarten. 


Plant Worksheets for Kindergarten

As mentioned above, this plant unit includes plant worksheets for every subject.   We have included lesson plans detailing some great hands on activities that complement the worksheets.  Most of the worksheets have directions right on the top. This unit teaches everything:  the life cycle of a plant; plant needs; plant parts; what’s in a seed… and so much more!

Books About Plants for Kindergarten

There are so many great plant books and we recommend reading a lot of them.  You can read them as part of the beginning of any lesson in this entire unit!  Reading a book about plants and discussing the book with your children is such a great way to learn about plants!  Get nonfiction books and fiction books on plants.  If you don’t have any plant books, there are plenty read online.  Here are a few of our favorites: The titles are linked to Amazon for an easy purchase.

*This page contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase we will get a small commission with no additional cost to you.

Plant Lessons for Reading

In the reading section of our plant unit you will find lessons that encourage your child to read and write and/or discuss what they’ve read about. There are reading passages with questions, mini plant books (leveled for kindergarten), and reading response worksheets to go along with some great plant books.


Plant Activities for Writing

Use the writing prompts we provide to have students write what they have learned about plants. There are also fictional writing prompts that have students writing their own creative stories about plants. We have included 7 plant writing templates for you to choose from or do them all!


Plant Lessons for Math

The plant themed lessons for math have story problems to solve, addition and subtraction problems, number bonds and more.


Plant Activities for Skills

The skills lessons we chose for this plant unit are fun for kids, but are also great practice for important foundational skills kids need to learn in kindergarten.  


Plant Activities for Science

We have some fantastic plant activities for science!  You can simply do the plant science worksheet activities, or get your hands dirty and do some of the suggested activities with real plants!  We give you step by step instructions for these awesome plant lessons!


Plant Art Activity for Kindergarten

Get this wonderful plant art activity included in this packet!  We used to put this beautiful flower on the front of a Mother’s Day card we had students create.  They were so proud to give these cards to their moms!  This activity can be easily made into a card or simply hung on the refrigerator. 


Plant Vocabulary Words

Our packet includes a plant word bank.  This word bank has 13 plant words and can be used in any or all of the lessons.  These plant vocabulary words might be new to students and going over them before and during lessons can help students build background knowledge.

Garden Center

If you are lucky enough to still have a playhouse in your classroom, turn it into a garden center or flower shop. You can find almost everything you need at the Dollar Store or dollar section of Target.  Using actual dirt, seeds, gardening tools, and gloves will help to make your garden center a big hit!  If you want a little less mess, use fake flowers, tissue paper, plastic vases, and a cash register for the flower shop.

Common Core State Standards

Yes!  These plant activities for kindergarten meet the standards in every subject!

You can purchase each subject separately or get our complete plant unit at a discounted price!

We absolutely LOVED creating this plant unit for kindergarten!  We are confident these plant activities for kindergarten will be a great success in your classroom and something you will come back to year after year!  Please leave us a comment and tell us how it went for you! We’d love to see pictures of any of the activities! 

For more garden ideas and to learn about the benefits of school gardens, check out this post from our friend, Tina from TeachtheTKway

More Great Activities

We have so many activities your students are sure to love! Read our blog on 13 Activities for Kids at Home and get 5 free resources to use with some really fun ideas!  Check out our TpT store, 4 Kinder Teachers!

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