Parts of a Book for Kindergarten

Depending on what grade level you are teaching, the parts of a book you go over in your lesson can vary.  This blog is geared towards teaching kindergarten age students, so it will focus on the very basic parts of a book.  Our main interest is the cover and what’s on the inside of the book.  See the list of parts of a book below.

parts of a book anchor chart for kindergarten

Cover - the front of the book:

  • Title – tells what the book will be about
  • Author – the person who wrote the book
  • Illustrator – the person who created the pictures for the book
  • Picture – displays what the story is about
cover of the book

Inside the book:

  • Title page – first page in the book that tells the title, author and illustrator
  • Words – tells the story
  • Pictures – help to tell the story
  • Page numbers
title page

Teaching Parts of a Book to Kindergarten

We taught Parts Of A Book early in the beginning of the school year because we always had some students that were just starting to learn about books.  It was important for them to understand this concept before they could advance to learning how to read.  The first book of this unit was used as a focus for an anchor chart (see the picture of the anchor chart below). 

Teaching About the Cover of the Book

We start by showing them the book and asking “Where is the front of the book?  Where is the back?  What do you notice on the front?”  Then, we show and tell them about the title, picture, author, and illustrator found on the cover.  We might say something like, “The title is what the whole book is about.  The picture is about something that happens in the book.  The author wrote the words in the book.  The illustrator created the pictures for the book.”  Then, we say, “Since the title is ——–, what do you think this book is about?” 

title of the book

Teaching About the Inside of the Book

We move on to the inside of the book by saying, “Let’s see what’s inside this book.”  We flip through the pages slowly.  “What do you see on the inside?”  “Yes, there are pictures, words, and page numbers.  The words tell us the story, and the pictures help show the story.”  Before reading the story, we display the Parts Of A Book anchor chart. 


Anchor Chart

On the chart is a picture of the cover and a picture of the inside of the same book we are looking at that day.  Using the same book really helps students to understand what you are teaching them.  We go over the chart with them, reading the different parts of a book and pointing to where those are on the pictures.

parts of a book anchor chart

For the next few weeks, we use this chart every time we read a new book. Using the chart helps students to identify the parts of the book.

Parts of a Book Song

Check out this awesome song from Jack Hartmann all about the parts of a book.  Your kids will be singing along in no time!

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