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So, you want to spend quality story time with your child. You want your child to enjoy the experience of being immersed in award winning children’s literature, but you just can’t.  Maybe you don’t have the time right now.  Maybe you don’t have the book.    No worries.  The people from SAG-AFTRA foundation have created wonderful videos with celebrities reading all your favorite children’s books.  It’s free.  It’s online.  And it’s called Storyline Online.

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Benefits of Storytime

As kindergarten teachers, we know the importance of read alouds.  Most lessons begin with a story.  So many concepts can be taught with one beautiful book.

Some of the many benefits of story time for kids are:

  • Inspires a love for reading. If you want a child to love reading, the most important thing to do is read to them.
  • Develops early literacy skills. Listening to quality children’s literature helps develop a child’s phonological awareness; it increases their phonemic awareness and builds connections between the spoken and written word.
  • Broadens vocabulary. The best books for vocabulary building are those with rich language. Research tells us that through reading your child is exposed to new words in a context which provides the meaning.
  • Builds comprehension. A well written book helps your child make connections to understand and make meaning of the world around them.
  • Increases attention span. A good story will engage a child enabling them to sit and focus for longer periods of time. 
  • Is FUN!

Best Online Story Time For Kids

There are many good online read alouds.  Authors, celebrities, teachers, and  parents, are all reading books online.  There are so many read alouds on You tube you can easily become overwhelmed and spend all day trying to find the best. Here at 4 Kinder Teachers, we highly recommend Storyline Online on youtube.

You can access a multitude of wonderful children’s books read to you magnificently by celebrated actors.  The illustrations come to life keeping your child enthralled.  Storyline Online is an award- winning children’s literacy website.  The SAG-AFTRA Foundation is a nonprofit organization.  The Storyline Online videos are free to access.  Try some and let us know your favorites in the comments below.


Here Are Some of Our Favorites: Approved by RaeLeigh

The Tale of Peter Rabbit read by Rose Byrne.  This classic story of a naughty bunny who gets into trouble in Mr. McGregor’s garden is delightfully read and brought to life by Rose Byrne.

The Kissing Hand read by Barbara Bain.  This is a beautiful story about a worried raccoon who doesn’t want to leave his mother to begin school.  Every new kindergartner can relate to this story.

Harry the Dirty Dog read by Betty White.  This endearing story about a white dog with black spots who becomes a black dog with white spots is just as fun and adorable today as it was in 1956 when it was first published.  And who better to read it than Betty White.

The Rainbow Fish read by Ernest Borgnine.  This story teaches us about the importance of friendship.  When a beautiful but lonely fish shares his scales, life becomes beautiful.

When a Dragon Moves In read by Mark Duplass.  This imaginative story is all about what happens when a dragon moves into a perfect sandcastle made by a little boy on a trip to the beach.

Arnie the Doughnut read by Chris O’Dowd.  Both you and your child will laugh at this silly story about a doughnut who doesn’t want to be eaten, hilariously read by Chris O’Dowd.

Story Time and More...

Teachers and parents,

We know nothing can, nor should, take the place of you reading with your children.  But when you can’t, there’s Storyline Online.  Whether you just want your children to listen to a beautiful story or conduct a series of lessons to go with it, you will find it all on Storyline Online.  These stories come with downloadable teacher guides complete with standards, objectives, easy to follow steps and much, much, more.  Your children will love Storyline Online and so will you.  It is a great way to access quality children’s literature for your child’s story time.  We hope you enjoy this wonderful resource; We certainly have.

Great Reading Activities

Read this blog post to learn the 3 steps to make your read alouds GREAT by adding meaningful questions and a fun activity.

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