Teacher Approved Kindergarten Learning Videos for Literacy

Whether at home or in the classroom, kindergarten learning videos can be a fun and engaging way to introduce and reinforce important kindergarten skills.  In our kindergarten classrooms, we used short educational videos as way to introduce and reinforce key skills, and often times as a way to get kids up and moving.  To save you the hassle of searching for the best learning videos for kindergarten, we have compiled a list of some of our favorites.  We have watched each video from beginning to end, and made sure they are educational, short, engaging, and appropriate for preschool and kindergarten.  

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In this blog, we have included the following topics: ABC Learning Videos; Learning Videos for Kindergarten Sight Words; CVC Words and Word Families.  If you are looking for learning videos for kindergarten math, read our blog, Teacher Approved Math Videos for Kindergarten.  (Just a little side note…As a mom and a kindergarten teacher, I highly recommend adult supervision anytime children are watching videos on YouTube.  You never know what strange commercials may pop up.)

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ABC Learning Videos For Kindergarten

The following abc learning videos for kindergarten are best used when beginning or ending a reading skills lesson, during transitions, or anytime your kids need a little extra alphabet practice.

Kids TV 123

These two ABC Phonics Songs by Kids TV 123 are short (2:59) and reinforce letter name and sound correspondence.  Both videos are similar, just different versions of the same song.  My daughter, who is 4 now, loves watching these videos as much as my kinders did!

Jack Hartmann

We love all things Jack Hartmann!  He has made some of the best kindergarten learning videos!  Here are a few great Jack Hartmann abc videos.  He also has a video for each letter of the alphabet.

  • Workout to the Letter Sounds (4:49) is a fun song that gets kids up and moving while saying the letter names, sounds, and words that begin with each letter.   
  • Letter A / Let’s Learn the Alphabet by Jack Hartmann(5:09): This is 1 of 26 individual letter songs. These songs are great if you are focusing on 1 letter at a time.   Each video teaches letter formation, name and sound.   These videos are fun, cute and are great as an introduction or review of each letter.  You can use this link to find any letter you need.  

Rock 'N Learn

My daughter and I love the Rock ‘N Learn Goodbye Song, so we had high hopes when we found this abc song by Rock ‘N Learn, and we weren’t disappointed.

Have Fun Teaching

Have Fun Teaching has some catchy songs when it comes to learning the alphabet.

  • Have Fun Teaching Alphabet Song (4:36):  This song teaches letter names and sounds.  There is a newer version, but I prefer this one, because the letters are larger and in a more kid friendly font.
  • The Letter A Song Have Fun Teaching (2:52): The Have Fun Teaching individual letter songs are cute and fun!  They review letter formation, name and sound.  They are also animated with pictures containing the focus letter.   This is just the letter A song.  If you are looking for a different letter, click the link below (Official ABC’s Song Playlist) and choose your letter. 

Harry Kindergarten

Here is a fun alphabet rap song for your little learners.


Storybots songs are always a fan favorite!

  • Storybots ABC song classic (1:12): This silly version of the classic abc song only reviews letter names, but it is quick and very cute. 

Bounce Patrol

If you are focusing on one letter at a time, we also recommend Bounce Patrol.  Their individual letter songs are great for letter names and sounds.

Learning Videos For Kindergarten Sight Words

We all know how important it is to learn sight words, also known as high frequency words.  Here are some great videos your kids can watch to help learn them.

  • Jan Richardson Sight Words Level A -I: Jack Hartmann teams up with Jan Richardson for these wonderful sight word videos!  This link has Jan Richardson’s sight word lists A-I.  Each video teaches the sight word by saying it loud, quietly, and in your head.  They also use the What’s Missing, and Mix and Fix games to practice the words. Each video is about 2-3 minutes long. 

CVC Words and Word Families

Here are some more literacy videos to help your kids learn to read.

More Kid Learning Videos YouTube

These are some of our favorite kindergarten learning videos on YouTube, and of course, they are all FREE!  If you didn’t find the topic you were looking for in this blog, you can visit any one of these stations and you will most likely find what you need.  If you are looking for learning videos for kindergarten math, read our blog, Teacher Approved Math Videos for Kindergarten.

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