Fantastic Kindergarten Fall Activities

Even though it is still officially summer when school starts, I can’t help thinking about fall.  (Especially when it is 90 degrees outside and no air conditioner inside.)  As the weather cools and nature begins to make its majestic display of autumn colors, it’s time to explain, explore and have fun with the season we call fall.  With that in mind, we at 4 Kinder Teachers have gathered multiple resources for you to use to create an exceptional fall unit, or if you just need a few fun kindergarten fall activities, we’ve got you covered. 

kindergarten fall activities cover with fall leaves

Fall Unit for Kindergarten

We’ve created a fantastic Fall Unit that can be used with google slides.  This three-day kindergarten science unit answers the questions: What is fall?  Why do leaves change colors?  What do animals do in fall?  What do people do in fall?  Besides the digital slideshows, it comes with detailed lesson plans, hands on science activities, printable differentiated writing templates and coloring pages.  Purchase this and you’re done!  But for those who want to design their own fall unit, keep reading.

Building Background Knowledge - Why Do We Have Seasons

Whenever I teach about a particular season, I begin by explaining why we have seasons. There are plenty of great books and YouTube videos that teach young children about the seasons.

Here are two good books that I have used; Sunshine Makes the Seasons by Franklyn M. Branley & Michael Rex and The Reasons for Seasons by Gail Gibbons.  If you would like to purchase either book from Amazon, simply click on the title above.

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Sunshiine Makes the Seasons is a nonfiction children's book.
Non fiction childrens book The Reasons for Seasons

You can also have your students watch a good science video.  Here are two that I recommend.

Seasons and the Sun: Crash Course Kids 11.1 (3:56): This video is engaging, packed full of great information and under four minutes.

Why Are There Seasons? From SciShow Kids (2:20): I just love this SciShow Kids episode, where Jessi and Squeaks (a robotic mouse) explain why we have seasons in a way that kinders will understand.

Kindergarten Fall Science Activities

kids lying in fall leaves

Fall is a great time to have your students use their five senses to explore the world around them and document their findings.  Take your students on a fall walk and have them talk about what they see and draw a picture of it.  I always have a fall word bank, so my students can add writing to their pictures.  Kids love science experiments.  So put on your lab coat and protective eyewear, and become the scientist you were meant to be.  Your kids will love it! 

Here is a super science experiment you can do with your kids.  I know it’s tempting to simply show the video to your students.  But…It’s always better when you do the experiment live, in front of them.  Use the video to teach yourself how to do the experiment.

Kindergarten Fall Math Activities

apple graph of favorite color apple

You can always add math to your science activities.  Sort, count and graph using things you find in the fall.  Colorful leaves and different varieties of apples work great for observing first (using those senses) and then, sorting and graphing.

Apple Graph

Most kids love apples; but which type of apple do they love the most?  In this activity students will be sorting, counting, tasting and graphing apples.  Start with a variety of apples (red, yellow, green).  Make sure to have enough for each student to taste.  Create a class graph based on the apple varieties.  Students will taste each variety of apple and then choose their favorite.  Help your students to sort and count the apples.  Now ask them which apple will taste better?  Have them make predictions.  Cut enough apples so that each child can taste each variety.  After deciding their favorite variety, students will color an apple to match and place it on the class graph.  Discuss the results.

Leaf Graph

Leaves can be sorted by size, shape, color or type.  Sort and count the leaves with your students.  Create a class graph.  I like to have students choose their favorite leaf and put that leaf on the graph.  This is a large graph made with real leaves.  After discussing the graph, we remove the leaves and use them for other activities (leaf measuring, leaf rubbings, Leaf Man art).

examples of kindergarten fall art activities

Kindergarten Fall Art Activities

Tissue Paper Leaves:  Copy large leaves on red, orange and yellow construction paper.  Pre-cut squares of the same color tissue paper.  Students will glue the tissue paper on their construction paper leaf and then cut the leaf out. 

construction paper leaves covered in tissue paper
construction paper fall tree

Fall tree: Pre-cut three-inch squares of red, yellow and orange construction paper for each child. Also cut brown construction paper rectangles of different sizes and have your students glue them on construction paper to make the bare tree.  Students rip small pieces from the colorful construction paper squares and glue them on the tree.

Leaf man: This is a project children can do after you have read the book Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert to them.  Have students use leaves to make different things.  This art is temporary. “A Leaf Man’s got to go where the wind blows.” If you want a permanent Leaf Man, take a picture.

Leaf Man book and fall leaves art

Books About Fall

fall picture books

Make sure you have plenty of books about fall.  You will want nonfiction as well as fiction.  A quick trip to your local library will get you all the books you need for free.  However, if you are like me, you are going to want to buy them.  What can I say…I LOVE books!!!  Here are some of my favorites.  The titles below are linked to Amazon for an easy purchase.

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

Leaf Man is a children's book.

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf is a children's book with real photos of leaves.

It’s Fall! by Linda Glaser

It's Fall is a children's book.

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt is a children's book.

Videos About Fall

Youtube science videos can be a great way for students to build vocabulary, make connections and learn about this wonderful season.  Here are a few that I would recommend.

Play Video about Autumn is Here Video Cover

Autumn is Here! (3:11 ) From Scholastic, this beautiful video is a nice overview of the fall season.

Why Do Leaves Change Colors in the Fall?  SciShow Kids (3:21): Jessi and her robotic mouse Squeaks explain why leaves change color in the fall.  This video is fun and informative.

Why Do Leaves Change Color? What Makes the Leaves Fall? FreeSchool (3:38): This beautiful video explains photosynthesis and defines deciduous and evergreen.


LEARN ABOUT FALL, AUTUMN | learning seasons for children | preschool, kindergarten vocabulary (3:52): I really like this video from Classroom Learning Adventures.  It has adorable puppets, labeled vocabulary with a word review at the end and Mr. Kipley (a really likable host).

Fall Music

Autumn Songs for Children – Autumn Leaves are Falling Down – Kids Songs by The Learning Station (2:21): If you are reading this blog then you’re probably familiar with The Learning Station.  They have songs for everything.  The songs are easy to learn and it’s a great way to get your kids moving.

Autumn Songs for Kids ♫ Scarecrow Song ♫ Children’s Fall Songs ♫ Kids Songs by The Learning Station (3:52): It’s another Learning Station song, and this one is about a scarecrow.

It’s Fall Song | Autumn Season | LittleStoryBug (1:30): Give your students colorful leaves (red, yellow, orange, brown) and have them twirl when the video says their color.  

Enchanting Autumn Forests with Beautiful Piano Music – 4K Autumn Ambience & Fall Foliage (1:00:07): This video takes you on a virtual walk in an autumn forest.  If you need some quiet time while your students work or rest, this video has an hour of beautiful fall foliage with relaxing piano music.

One Last Thing

Fall is a fantastic season filled with beauty, great weather and fun holidays.  Although we compiled these resources specifically for kindergarten, they can easily be adapted for preschool and first grade. We hope you find them helpful.  Just a reminder, we have created an adorable three-day Fall Unit, complete with digital slideshows, detailed lesson plans, hands on science activities, printable differentiated writing templates and coloring pages.  This fun, engaging unit is just one of our seasonal units.  We also have Winter and Spring.

More Seasonal Fun Activities for Kindergarten

Check out our Winter and Spring blogs.  They are full of great activities to use when teaching these seasons!

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