How to Teach Handwriting / Handwriting Worksheets for Kindergarten

Teaching handwriting in kindergarten is very important.  Once students know how to write the letters in the alphabet, they can begin to start putting sounds together in their writing.  It can be frustrating to kids who are eager to start writing if they don’t know what the letter looks like or how to write the letter.  Also, teaching them how to properly write each letter while they are learning the alphabet helps kids to get more experience with each letter. 

handwriting worksheet for the letter Nn

As kindergarten teachers, we started out teaching handwriting using rainbow writing. Then, we moved on to kindergarten handwriting worksheets. If you are wondering what rainbow writing is, click HERE to be taken to the blog where we explain exactly what it is and how to do it.  

picture of girl writing with pencil

How to Teach Handwriting

  • We recommend explicitly modeling how to write the capital and lowercase letters.
    • Start with the capital letter, by drawing it on the board. Show students where to start the letter and describe your motions (i.e. for A, you might say, “Start on the top, diagonal line down, go back to the top, diagonal line down, then cross.”)  It doesn’t matter what descriptive words you use, as long as it fits with the letter and the students are repeating it with you.
    • Have students repeat what you say as you draw the letter again.  
    • As you demonstrate, have students trace with their finger in the air, and maybe on the carpet or table in front of them.  
    • Move on to the lowercase letter and do the same thing.  
    • Then, pass out the kindergarten handwriting worksheets, and have students trace the letters on the paper with their finger. 
    • Walk around, watching the students trace on their paper with their fingers to make sure they know how to correctly form the letter before getting their writing utensils.  
  • We are very clear and detailed when going over the letters, because we want kids to write them correctly.  It can be hard to get kids to break the habit of writing the letters incorrectly.   

Handwriting on Google Slides

Use these adorable alphabet slides to reinforce letter names and sounds and to teach your students how to properly form each letter.  Each letter has its own 15 page interactive digital slideshow.  These slides are the perfect mini-lesson and a great way to engage your students while working on alphabet knowledge. You can use these slides in your classroom or for distance learning.

AdUsing Our Alphabet Animals Handwriting Sheets


Introduce the letter by going over the name of the letter and the sound it makes.  Name the picture of the animal on top of the page stressing the sound of the first letter (ex. A…a…alligator,  /a/…/a/…/aaa/lligator.)  Demonstrate how to trace and write the capital and lowercase letters using the instructions in the above paragraph.  Then, look for the letters hidden in the animal.  Circle the capital letters in one color and the lowercase letters in a different color.  The different fonts show students different ways they may see each letter.


If you are looking for more alphabet worksheets, we have plenty!  Click HERE to check them out.  These handwriting sheets go along great with our other alphabet worksheets. We have a fun and engaging yearlong alphabet curriculum, as well!





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