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We are going back to the moon!  It’s been over 50 years since astronauts explored the moon.  With the launch of Artemis 1, NASA is going back!  Even though Artemis 1 is unmanned, it is the first step toward returning astronauts to Earth’s only natural satellite.  This is to be the first of several Artemis missions planned.  How exciting!  To help you share this amazing adventure with your kids, we’ve compiled some great resources and moon activities for kindergarten.  Make it a Fun Friday or an entire science unit.

Update: On February 22, Odie also known as the Odysseus lunar lander, reached the surface of  the moon.  This is one more mission towards the goal of establishing a presence on the moon.

child playing on the moon

Moon Activities for Kindergarten

First, some fun moon activities for kindergarten, to get your kids excited.  With a few minor adjustments, these can be great moon activities for preschoolers too.

Earth, Moon, and Sun Rotation

Let’s all rotate.  For the earth, moon, and sun rotation you need lots of room.  LOTS OF ROOM!  Outside is best.  Divide your children into groups of three.  Each group will have the sun, the moon, and the earth.  One child represents the sun, give them a big yellow circle to hold.  One child represents the earth, give them a medium blue circle.  The other child is the moon, and they can hold a small gray circle. This helps the children remember what they are.  Now the students act out the rotation of the earth, moon and sun.  The sun will stand still while the earth slowly walks around them (not too close).  The moon goes much faster around and around the earth.  If this is too difficult, have your students partner up (one earth, one moon) and you be the sun.   Show them how the moon goes around the earth and then have them all go around you.  Either way it’s FUN!

child on the moon with a toy helmet and grabber
space shoes made of sponges for kids to play with

Space Gear and Moon Rocks

Space helmets, grabbers, and moon rocks are a great addition to any space center.  After suiting up, the astronauts can collect moon rocks.  You can buy foam rocks or make them.  Gray packing foam makes great moon rocks.  I’ve also scrunched up black and gray construction paper into a ball and used it.  Anything can be used as long as it is big enough for the grabbers and light enough for the kids.  Kids just love to pick things up with the grabbers.  We found these at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science gift shop.  You can also find them on Amazon.  

Space Shoes

Big sponges on little feet will simulate less gravity on the moon.  Get some really big sponges along with big rubber bands (or hairbands) to put on your little astronauts’ feet.  Tell your kids they are space shoes.  Now they can pretend they are walking (bouncing) on the moon.  I buy the sponges and rubber bands at the Dollar Tree.  I also put duct tape on mine so I could clean them more easily.

kindergarten rocket playhouse
snacke that looks like the moon

Rocketship Playhouse

Why not turn your playhouse into a rocket ship?  You are going to need a place to put the space helmets, space shoes, grabbers and moon rocks, along with books, puzzles, and anything else relating to the moon.  Get out the butcher paper, scissors and tape.  Create any rocket or space shuttle you want.  As long as it resembles a rocket the kids will be thrilled.

MoonCake Snack

Make a yummy moon snack.  Kids love to cook or in this case assemble food items.  This snack starts with a rice cake.  Smear on some peanut butter, add sliced bananas and Cheerios for the craters and you have it.  Let your kids do it all.  Plastic knives work great for spreading peanut butter and cutting  banana slices. 

Fly Me to the Moon Art

Create an adorable rocket ship picture using rectangles and squares that you have pre-cut.  Little artists simply snip off corners and glue them down.  You need to model this step by step before having your students do it on their own.

Moon Resourses

Now for some great resources to help you teach your little ones about the moon.  Books, websites and youtube videos help build background knowledge for both teacher and students.  The following have been reviewed by us and are great for kindergarten.

Books about the Moon

When teaching lessons about the moon, start with a great read aloud.  Whether it’s a great book that you read to your students or one that is read by someone else on YouTube, children love read alouds.  Here are some we recommend.  Click on the book title for an easy way to purchase the book.  

Moon! Earth’s Best Friend

Moon! Earth's Best Friend childrens book

Moon! Earth’s Best Friend by Stacy McAnulty, illustrated by Stevie Lewis: This beautiful and fun book is full of great information, told from the perspective of the moon.

Moon's First Friends One Giant Leap for Friendship

Moon's First Friends childrens book

Moon’s First Friends One Giant Leap for Friendship by Susanna Leonard Hill, illustrated by Elisa Paganelli: Moon is lonely and she wants friends.  Throughout time she asks multiple creatures from Earth to visit her.  But they don’t come.  She watches and waits until…finally, a spaceship from Earth lands on the moon.  This charming book is perfect for learning about the first time men walked on the moon.

On the Moon

On the Moon childrens book

On the Moon by Anna Milbourne, illustrated by Benji Davies: Do you want to know what it is like to be an astronaut who visits the moon?  This book will take you to the moon and back.  With simple text and adorable pictures, students can understand what it’s like to go to the moon.

If You Were the Moon

If You Were the Moon written by Laura Purdie Salas, Illustrated by Jamie Kim: This book is beautifully illustrated with lots of facts about the moon, told in a fun way that children can enjoy and understand.


nonfiction book the Moon

The Moon by Martha E.H. Rustad: This nonfiction book has a table of contents and lots of photographs and facts about the moon.

Online Resources for Teaching about the Moon

Here are some more fantastic online resources for helping you create exciting lessons about the moon. is a great resource.  It is my go to website for all things space.  When it comes to the moon the following links will be helpful. 

YouTube to the Rescue

I love finding and using engaging and informative learning videos on YouTube.  Here are some very good videos for teaching about the moon from SciShow Kids.  If you want more teacher approved learning videos go to Teacher Approved Kindergarten Learning Videos for Literacy and Teacher Approved Math Videos for Kindergarten.

More Helpful Resources from 4 Kinder Teachers

We hope you find the above resources and moon activities for kindergarten helpful.  If you are looking for more resources and fun science activities to do with your kinders read Eggcellent Eggsperiments for Kids.  And be sure to check out our fall, winter and spring articles.  They have lots of teacher approved activities and resourses perfect for kindergarten. 

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