11 Fantastic Good Morning Songs for Kids

In Kindergarten, I always loved starting the day with a great good morning song!  We all sang along, sometimes we got up and danced, and it always seemed to put a smile on our faces.  Below you will find some of my favorite good morning songs for preschoolers and kindergarteners.  I usually switched up the songs every 2 to 4 weeks. I wanted to keep each song long enough for kids to learn, but not too long.  I hope you and your kids love these songs as much as my students and I did.

good morning songs for kids

Dr. Jean Songs

Dr. Jean has some wonderful songs for kids, and they are always easy to add movements to, as well!

Hello Neighbor (1:55)

Morning Stretch – Great Way to Start Your Day (3:11)

Rise and Shine (1:32)

Greg and Steve Good Morning Song

I had a couple of CDs of Greg & Steve.  They have so many great songs for kids. Their good morning song below was always the first song I started out with for each new school year. 

Greg & Steve – Good Morning (1:50)

Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann has so many great videos and songs for kids.  He was my go to for alphabet, literacy skills, counting and math videos.  And, of course, he has great morning songs to sing and move along to. If you like these, check out his youtube channel where you will find a few more good morning songs.  

Have a Good Morning, Have a Good Day (2:44)

Great Way to Start the Day (3:51)

I’m Going to Make This an Awesome Day! (2:53)

The Learning Station

The Learning Station is another great place to find educational videos for kids.  And, I love their good morning song. 

Good Morning Song (3:13)

The Kiboomers Good Morning Song

Your kids are sure to love these cute characters as they sing their good morning song.

Good Morning Song (1:55)

The Singing Walrus

This morning song has the words, so your students can follow along as they sing.

Good Morning Song for Kids (2:36)

Maple Leaf Learning Good Morning Song

Stretch and sing with the characters from Maple Leaf Learning.

Good Morning Song for Kids (2:14)

There are so many great good morning songs for kindergarten and preschool.  I hope you enjoy these!  If you have any other favorites, leave them in the comments below.  I would love to add to this list. 

More Videos for Kids

If you are interested in educational videos for kids, click on the links below to check out our favorites.   

Teacher Approved Kindergarten Learning Videos

Teacher Approved Math Videos for Kindergarten

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