Fantastic Activities for The Great Fuzz Frenzy

The Great Fuzz Frenzy by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel is an adorable book about a group of silly prairie dogs.  After a tennis ball rolls down into their home, chaos ensues.  What they do with the fuzz from the tennis ball is hilarious.  Your kids are sure to love this cute book.   Here is a whole day of lessons wrapped around prairie dogs and tennis balls.  Be sure to check out the prairie dog science project.  If you don’t have this book, check your local library or purchase The Great Fuzz Frenzy on Amazon.

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picture of the book, the great fuzz frenzy and a math activity and a writing activity that accompany the book

Reading Workshop

The Great Fuzz Frenzy is such a fun book to read.  Sometimes the pictures tell more of the story than the words, so be sure to point out important parts in the pictures.  As you read the story, stop and ask some text dependent questions, such as Why are the prairie dogs fighting? and Why does Pip Squeak think fuzz is trouble?  Text dependent questions are questions that are specific to the book you are reading.  This type of questioning is great for building comprehension.  If you want to learn more about text dependent questions, read 3 Steps to Create Meaningful Experiences Through Read Aloud.  This post will help you take any children’s book and turn it into a fantastic read aloud.   Read down below for our Great Fuzz Frenzy interactive read aloud resource, complete with all the text dependent questions and detailed lesson plans for 3 days. 

teacher holding book The Great Fuzz Frenzy

Writing Workshop

Before writing, reread the story to your students.  They will love listening to it a second time.  The ending of this book is so great for predicting.  Show students the last page, where Violet is about to drop another tennis ball into their hole.  Ask your students to turn to a partner and tell what they think the prairie dogs will do when the next tennis ball falls down into their home.  Have them use the sentence starter, “I predict the prairie dogs will…”  Then have your students draw a picture and write about their predictions.  This writing template is a free resource.  

Tennis Ball Math

Use this fun free math worksheet to have your students show different ways to build 10.  Follow the instructions on the worksheet, and challenge your students to come up with a different equation for every box. 

Prairie Dog Home Science Project

Start off by discussing why prairie dogs have lots of tunnels and different areas for their home.  If you don’t know much about prairie dogs, this is a good video for you and your students.

For this project, group your students and give them some wall space.  Use paper towel holders and toilet paper rings for the tunnels, painters tape, and a small basket for their home.  Use a ball that will fit into a paper towel holder.  Have each group build a set of tunnels that lead to a prairie dog home.  Students use the balls to make sure their tunnels work.

science project of paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls taped to a wall in the shape of tunnels

Fuzz Frenzy Tennis Ball Cookies

All you need for this adorable snack is some vanilla wafers and frosting.  I used white frosting and green food coloring.  Have students spread the green frosting on the vanilla wafers to create fuzz frenzy tennis ball cookies.   

snack of nilla wafers and green icing to look like tennis balls

Free Fuzz Frenzy Resources

Our writing template and tennis ball math worksheet from this blog are free, and you can get them by clicking here.

free writing template and math worksheet that accompany the book the great fuzz frenzy

Interactive Read Aloud Resource

If you want to use this book for more than one day, we created a 3 day interactive read aloud resource to go along with this book.  We love using the same story for multiple days in reading workshop.  This resource has everything you need to teach your reading lessons with confidence.  It comes with:

  • 3 days of detailed lesson plans with book introductions, text dependent questions, vocabulary, and common core standards
  • 14 differentiated writing pages
  • Story elements anchor charts
  • Cute and fun craft to decorate your classroom or send home to showcase student work

This intereactive read aloud resource aligns with the science of reading.  It is research based, easy to implement and aligned with the common core standards.

More Janet Stevens Books

We love Janet Stevens’ books so much, we have created a few more Fun Fridays with some of her other books.  Check out A Full Day of Fun with My Big Dog Activities or Tops and Bottoms Activities for Kindergarten.

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