Earth Day for Kids: Books, Activities, Videos and More

Celebrating Earth Day in the classroom can be really fun.  Students love to learn about our beautiful planet and how to take care of it.  Here are some great resources and activities you can do with your students to help celebrate the Earth.

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Earth Day Books

Reading books about our planet helps kids understand why it is important to take care of the Earth.  There are many great books that showcase our beautiful planet and teach how to care for it.   Here are a few of our favorite Earth Day books for kids.  Two of the books are read online.  For more book recommendations, read Awesome April Read Alouds.  To purchase the books from Amazon, simply click on the titles.

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Thank You, Earth by April Pulley Sayre

I Am Earth by Rebecca and James McDonald

I Am Earth is a children's book.

It’s Earth Day! by Mercer Mayer

The Earth Book by Todd Parr

Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day Digital Presentation

Here is a sample of the digital presentation that comes with our Fantastic Earth Day Activity Pack!  This Earth Day mini unit is a great way to teach your students (Pre-k through 1st) all about Earth Day.  The slideshow teaches about Eath Day and how to take care of the Earth.  It also includes writing activities and coloring pages as shown below.

Writing About Earth

After learning about Earth Day and the Earth, it is great to have your students write about how they can take care of the Earth.  Have students generate multiple ideas through discussion.  If your students are having trouble coming up with something they can do, the book Our Class is Going Green can help.  This is one of my favorite books to read right before doing this writing activity because it is written by a kindergarten class and is full of wonderul things we can do to help keep our Earth healthy.  Be sure to record student ideas on the board.  It is best to model how to complete the activity below by writing 2 to 3 sentences with the help of the class.  For students that need extra help, refer them back to the sentences on the board.

Earth Day Coloring Pages and Cutting Activity

The coloring pages can be used any time during the day when you have a little extra time.  You can also use these coloring pages throughout the rest of the school year during free choice time, as a reminder to do our part to keep Earth healthy.

This cutting activity is great scissor practice and could be paired with a book about our beautiful planet.  Although this activity can take some time, kids love the finish product!  I would recommend doing this activity as a group with direct teacher involvement. 

Earth Day Art

Earth Day wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful art project.  For this project,  students will need a piece of white construction paper with a circle on it, along with blue, white and green paint, and a spoon to retrieve the paint. 

Have students write their name in the circle and turn it over.  Students spoon out several globs of each color onto the middle of their paper.  Next they fold their paper in half (with the paint on the inside) and rub the paper lightly to marble the colors (not too much rubbing).  Finally they reopen their paper and marvel at the lovely swirl of blue, green and white.

Allow the paint to dry.  Have your students cut the circle out to reveal the beautiful big blue marble Earth they created. 

A great way to display this work of art is to back it on black construction paper and add it to the writing activity. 

Teacher tip: We recommend you practice this before modeling it for your kids.


Earth Day Videos for Kids

These videos are great to watch throughout the day. 

Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures: Happy Earth Day (13:07) This video is about how Betsy and her classmates learned about Earth Day and what they did to celebrate it.  

Happy Earth Day!  (17:52) This is a great and very informative video about some of Earth’s problems and how we can help. 

Earth Day Songs

Listen and sing along with these fun songs! 

GOING GREEN! (2:39) Fun, catchy song about reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Going Green Song (3:07) Another great song on how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Happy Earth Day!

We hope you enjoy celebrating this wonderful day!  If you try any of the above activities, we’d love to hear about it!  Leave us a comment below.

More Fun Activities for Kids

If you are looking for more great ideas for fun activities, we have plenty!  Check out our blog, Make Every Friday Fun with Fun Activities for Kindergarten.

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