Earth Day for Kids: Books, Activities, Videos and More

Celebrating Earth Day in our classrooms was always a fun day.  We read great books about our beautiful planet, wrote about how we will take care of Earth, watched some educational Earth Day videos, and created some wonderful Earth art.  Our students loved learning how they could help our planet. 

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Earth Day Books

Reading books about our planet helps kids understand why it is important to take care of the Earth.  In our classrooms, we read books that showcased our beautiful planet, books that taught what Earth Day is all about, and books about how to take care of our planet.  Here are a few of our favorite Earth Day books for kids.  Two of the books are read online, see links below. 

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I Am Earth (4:26)

Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Digital Presentation

This digital presentation tells about Earth Day and gives kids ideas of how they can take care of the Earth.  You can use this presentation as a mini lesson before the writing activity or other activities below. 

Writing About Earth

After reading a few Earth Day books, we led a discussion with our students about ways they can take care of the Earth.  If your students are having any trouble coming up with something they can do, the book, Our Class is Going Green, can help.  This was my favorite book to read right before doing this writing activity because of all the ideas it gave.  Following the discussion, we modeled how to complete the activity by writing 2 to 3 sentences of how we plan to take care of Earth.  For students that needed extra help, we wrote sentences on the board (during the discussion) that they could copy. 

Earth Day Coloring Pages and Cutting Activity

The coloring pages can be used any time during the day when you may have a little extra time.  I often used these coloring pages throughout the rest of the school year during free choice time, as a reminder to do our part to keep Earth healthy.  The cutting activity was always a favorite to do after reading a book about our beautiful planet.  I loved doing this activity all together.  I had my students get a pencil and scissors and sit on the perimeter of the learning carpet, so we were in one big circle as we completed the project.

Earth Day Art

Of course, we made a beautiful art project of our Earth on this day.  We gave our students a piece of white construction paper with a circle on it.  Our kids wrote their names in the circle, then turned their paper over for the painting.  In the middle of each table were blue, green, and white paint with a spoon for each.   Students spooned out several globs of each color paint on the paper.  Next they folded their paper in half over the paint and rubbed the paper to marble the colors (not too much rubbing).  Finally they reopened their paper to see their marbled Earth. The painting part was done at the beginning of the day to let the paint dry.  At the end of the day (or sometimes the next day if the paint was still wet), our kids cut out the circle to reveal the beautiful Earth they created.  We always put the Earth art above the writing activity to display them around the classroom.  Teacher tip: We recommend you practice this before modeling it for your kids.


Earth Day Videos for Kids

These videos are great to watch throughout the day. 

Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures: Happy Earth Day (13:07) This video is about how Betsy and her classmates learned about Earth Day and what they did to celebrate it.  

Happy Earth Day!  (17:52) This is a great and very informative video about some of Earth’s problems and how we can help. 

Earth Day Songs

Listen and sing along with these fun songs! 

GOING GREEN! (2:39) Fun, catchy song about reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Going Green Song (3:07) Another great song on how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Happy Earth Day!

We hope you enjoy celebrating this wonderful day!  If you try any of the above activities, we’d love to hear about it!  Leave us a comment below.

More Fun Activities for Kids

If you are looking for more great ideas for fun activities, we have plenty!  Check out our blog, Make Every Friday Fun with Fun Activities for Kindergarten.

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