Christmas Activities for Kindergarten

These fun Christmas activities for kindergarten are a great way to celebrate this holiday.  As public school teachers, we didn’t spend too much time on Christmas because we wanted to devote equal time to other December holidays, such as Hanukah and Kwanza.  Whether you are spending one day or more on this holiday, you will find great Christmas ideas and lessons that your students will enjoy.  They are also appropriate Christmas activities for preschoolers.

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Christmas Tree Measuring

This is a great math lesson.  After having a discussion about short, shorter, long, longer; introduce this cute activity.  Have students put the green strips in order from shortest to longest. Add a star and a trunk, and it becomes a Christmas tree.  For extra fun, put a little white paint on a paper plate, and let students use their finger or a Q-tip to add snow to their tree. 

Christmas Book

A great activity with lots of cutting practice. This Christmas book takes a good bit of time to do, so make sure you plan for that.  In the past, my students would sit in a circle around me.  We did this activity together, one page at a time.  Students use their scissor skills to cut each page in the book. Next they layer the pages so you can see every page from the cover of the book.  Kids love making it and seeing it all come together at the end.

Gingerbread Man Disguise

Starting with a gingerbread man template and a lot of craft materials, let your students be creative and disguise their little gingerbread man however they choose.  My students always came up with the cutest ideas.  This template is included in our gingerbread man packet

Get Santa Dressed

Here is another cute Christmas idea for preschool or kindergarten.  Kids have so much fun helping Santa get dressed.  They color and cut out the pieces, then glue them on to Santa. This is such a quick and easy Christmas activity. 

Ornament Decorating

We used this holiday activity as a gift to parents from their kindergarteners.  It’s one of the few times we let our students use markers to color.  Our classroom tools rule was draw with markers, color with crayons.  So, when we say, “Today we are coloring with markers,”  our kids get ecstatic!  We tell them to take their time and color slowly.  After coloring, they cut out their ornament and write their name on the back.  Then we laminate all the ornaments, poke a hole in the top, and attach a ribbon.  Kids got to take their Christmas ornament and hang them on their tree. 

Christmas Centers

A great way to do many of these December activities in one day is to have centers or stations with a different activity at each table.  I would invite parents to volunteer to help at each station.  If you plan to use the Christmas Book as one of the stations, it will take longer than the other activities, so you might want to have students spend longer at this station.

Kindergarten Christmas Activities

All of these fun Christmas resources can be found in our Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  A few of them are free, so check them out!  If you use any of these resources, we would love to hear from you.  How did your kids like them?  Let us know in the comments below.  And if you have pictures, please share! 

More for December

Looking for more resources for this fun month?  Check out these December read alouds you’re students are sure to enjoy.  

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