Alphabet Slideshow for Kindergarten with Beginning Sounds

Use an alphabet slideshow to teach letters and letter sounds.  Not only do students love seeing things on the big board, but teachers love no prep lessons!  A win-win! 

Using these Google Slides slideshows work great in kindergarten.  While we loved doing as much hands on activities as we could, we also wanted to use technology in our class in a useful way.  We did this by using Alphabet Slideshow for kindergarten. See our sample lesson below to see exactly how we incorporated Alphabet Slideshows. 

26 Alphabet Slideshows

We offer 26 amazing alphabet slideshows, one for every letter of the alphabet!  Our slideshows are on google slides.  Each one has REAL pictures that start with the focus letter.  There is also a slide with the capital letter and lowercase letter, so students can begin to learn how to form each letter.  Each letter has a dot of where to start forming the letter. 


Sample Lesson

  • First read an alphabet book to go over all the letters in the alphabet.  See some examples below of our favorite alphabet books to read to kindergartners.  And for more great alphabet books, read our blog  A is for Amazing Alphabet Books.

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  • After reading the whole book, turn back to the page of the letter you are working on that day. Next go over the letter name and sound and talk about how the picture on that page begins with that sound.  (Ex. This letter is A, the sound A makes is /a/, alligator starts with a, /a/ /a/ /a/alligator.) Then have students repeat.
  • At this time, show the alphabet slideshow and  go over the title, (What Words Begin With Aa?). Then show each slide saying each picture emphasizing the first sound and having students repeat you. /a/ /a/ /a/ apple. 
  • Page 10 of each slideshow is the handwriting page.  Show them how to write the letter.  You can do this with a white board pen if you are using an interactive white board, or use a dry erase marker, or use your finger. First show them how to form the capital letter.  Then have them hold their pointer finger up in front of them, and trace the letter in the air.  Repeat with the lowercase letter. 
  • This is a great time for students to practice.  Demonstrate how to complete the practice page you have for your students.  Our Rainbow Writing pages pair perfectly with these slides.  Read our blog post, Rainbow Writing: A Detailed Guide, if you want specific instructions on how to teach the rainbow writing page.
Our rainbow writing pages pair perfectly with these Alphabet Slideshows.
  • When you are wrapping up the lesson, bring students back together to review the letter name and sound. Maybe even show a fun video about that letter.  Our two favorites were Storybots and Jack Hartmann.  Click on the pictures below to be taken to the Letter Aa videos. 

More Alphabet Activities

Looking for more alphabet activities?  Check out our Alphabet Animals Reading Skills curriculum.  Get the worksheets you need for your classroom now, or purchase the whole year long curriculum!

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