Alphabet Cards with Pictures : Alphabet Line / Flashcards / Game Cards and More

Alphabet Cards with Pictures

Looking for printable alphabet cards?  You’ve come to the right place.  These alphabet cards with pictures are great for teaching the alphabet to your students or children.  Hang them in your classroom or in your child’s bedroom.  Use them as flash cards or game cards.  Keep reading for great tips on how to use these in your classroom or at home!

Alphabet Line or Banner

You can print the colored animal alphabet cards, laminate them and hang them up in your classroom as your alphabet line.   Or, print out the animal cards with the blue background to create an alphabet banner!  We loved using the abc line to reference letters as we were teaching the alphabet. Point to each letter as you sing the alphabet song, or have a student point to the letters as the whole class sings. Place sticky notes over some of the letters and have students try to guess which letters are hidden.  


Alphabet Games


There are many other ways you can use these cards.  These are just a few fun suggestions. 

Included in Our Alphabet Cards Packet

There are 7 sets of alphabet cards in this packet!


We have so many great alphabet activities and worksheets that go right along with these cards to help your students enjoy learning the alphabet!  Click HERE to see our products!

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