A is for Amazing Alphabet Books

Alphabet books are a wonderful way to familiarize children with letters and sounds. A is for amazing and that’s what alphabet books are.  They are, in my opinion, one of the most enjoyable ways to help young children learn their letters.  In addition, they also teach phonemic awareness.   I love beautifully illustrated ABC books; the kind you find in the children’s section of your favorite bookstore. Teachers love using alphabet books for preschool and kindergarten.

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I remember when I found Alison’s Zinnia by Anita Lobel.  I was on vacation in Arnolds Park, Iowa, browsing The Barn Swallow, a wonderful little gift shop.  After buying the book, I couldn’t wait for the school year to begin so I could read it to my students and include it in my (very much loved) tub of ABC books.  Every kindergarten and preschool teacher should have a tub of ABC books.  I encourage teachers and parents to read their children alphabet books. 

Some of my Favorite Alphabet Books for Preschool and Kindergarten

Allison's Zinnia a childrens book
Allison’s Zinnia by Anita Lobel

This beautifully illustrated book has a flower for every letter of the alphabet. It’s a great book to read in the spring or summer.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault, illustrated by Lois Ehlert

In this book the characters are the letters of the alphabet. This book is a fun, rhythmic story that also helps children discern uppercase and lowercase letters.

Dr. Seuss ABC
Dr. Seuss’s ABC

Dr. Seuss’s ABC is a book with lots of rhythm, rhymes, and of course those zany characters we have come to expect from a Dr. Seuss book.  This book is great for phonemic awareness!

Animalia an alphabet picture book by Graeme Base
Animalia by Graeme Base

This big book has beautiful illustrations.  The alliteration is absolutely amazing.  It is fun for all ages!

Eating the Alphabet is a children's alphabet book by Lois Ehlert.
Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert

This book has big bright pictures of fruits and vegetables from all around the world. Also, a great book for vocabulary building.

Bugs A to Z is a nonfiction alphabet book about bugs.
Bugs A to Z by Caroline Lawton

Who doesn’t love bugs?  This book has wonderful photographs and great bug information.  It is written in a way that children can understand.  For example:  “Dung beetles eat poop…”  Your kids will love it.

The Furry Animal Alphabet Book is a picture book.
The Furry Animal Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallota, illustrated by Edgar Stewart

With beautifully detailed illustrations this book is full of  facts about the wondrously weird  world of mammals. 

To purchase any of the above books simply click on the title. 

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Printable Alphabet Books for Preschool and Kindergarten

Not quite as beautifully written or illustrated are the little printable ABC books children bring home from school.  These books usually have giant letters with very simple illustrations and are colored magnificently by the proud owner.  We kindergarten teachers use them to help our students learn their letters and sounds.  We print them out and practice reading them multiple times with our students.  Students love coloring and reading these books.  After reading them with their teacher, by themselves and with their classmates, they finally get to take them home and proudly share them with their families.


We have created some adorable and easy to use printable alphabet books for preschool and kindergarten.


How We Use These Books.

These alphabet books can be used to teach students the name and sounds of the letters of the alphabet.

We teach the students to read the book by having them do the following:

  • Point to the uppercase and lowercase letter and say the name of the letter.
  • Point to the picture or the word and say the name.
  • Again point to the uppercase and lowercase letter and make the sound of the letter.
  • Point to the picture or the word and say the name again.

Later students can color the pictures and they can rainbow write or trace the large letters.


If you like these printable alphabet books for preschool and kindergarten, take a look at our printable letter books.  For more fun alphabet activities, check out our entire Alphabet Animals Reading Skills Curriculum.  You can also visit our TpT store, 4 Kinder Teachers.  

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