Classroom Activities for Mother’s Day

We have compiled some fun kindergarten and preschool activities for Mother’s Day.  We have also included FREE Mother’s Day writing templates, as well as some of our favorite children’s books and videos to complement your Mother’s Day lessons and crafts. 

mothers day activities

Mother’s Day is a special day not only for all the moms out there, but also for their little ones who want to show the love, appreciation, and adoration they have for their mothers.  That said, many preschoolers and kindergarteners need a little guidance, support, and a cute picture book to get the creative juices flowing. 

*Teacher Tip:  Send home these completed Mother’s Day crafts a few days before Mother’s Day (don’t wait until the Friday before).  That way you get them all sent home and they can be presented to all the moms on their special day. 

Kindergarten and Preschool Activities for Mother's Day

mother's day gift from preschooler

Plant a Flower and Decorate the Cup

Seeing as Mother’s Day is a spring holiday, it is the perfect time to have your kids plant some seeds, watch them grow, and then use them as a lovely gift for mom.  You can really use any seeds, but be mindful of how long they take to sprout.  We used zinnia seeds.   You can also have your students decorate a clear plastic cup with colorful stickers or have them use sharpies to draw colorful dots on white Styrofoam cups.  Then have them fill the cups with soil, seeds and a bit of water.  Place them near a window and watch them grow!

construction paper craft with colorful hearts

Hearts for Mom

This beautiful craft is quick, easy, and uses only construction paper.  Simply fold a piece of construction paper in half.  Cut triangles out all around 3 sides (not the fold).  Open the paper and glue it to a black sheet of construction paper.  Cut out hearts of different sizes and colors.  Be sure to glue the largest heart to the center of the paper and the other hearts around it.  Using white paper, cut out a semi heart and glue it to one side of the large center heart. 


Mother's Garden (Handprint Flowers)

Make a lovely hand print garden for mom or grandma.  For this project, your child simply dips his/her hand into paint, then places their hand on the paper.  After all hands have been washed and dried, have your kids draw or paint on stems, leaves and grass.  Depending on your children’s writing abilities, you might have them write Mom’s Garden on the top of the paper.

Stencil Heart

Here is a cute and easy art project.  Your kids can use ink pads or washable paint.  All you have to do is tape a heart to the middle of construction paper.  Students then use paint dobbers (the ones used for bingo), cotton balls (pictured), or their fingers to paint dots all over the paper. Be sure they cover most of the paper, especially the area around the heart.  When finished, remove the paper heart, and voila!

preschool activities for mothers day

Painted Heart

Every kids loves to drop and smear paint around!  For this simple Mother’s Day craft, you need a construction paper heart.  Have your kid blob on some paint colors of their choosing.  Fold the heart in half and have them gently massage the paint around, pushing with two fingers toward the outside edges of the heart.  Open the heart up and you have a beautiful (and symmetrical) heart!  Glue it to some construction paper and write Mom on the top.  Simple and fun!


Blowing Hearts

This project is a bit more work for the teacher, as you need to take a picture of each student.  That said, if you have the time (and maybe an assistant) this craft is adorable and will surely be a cherished gift for mom.  

Kindergarten Activities for Mother's Day

The following activities take a little more skill.  They are great for kindergarteners and 1st graders, but take some extra guidance and support for preschoolers to complete. 

classroom activities for mothers day
handmade flower card

Flower Card

No gift is complete without a card.  This card does take a little prep, but it is simple, cute and fun for kids.  Your kinder will be proud to give this homemade card to their mom.  Use our FREE Mother’s Day writing templates and glue a special note to mom inside this lovely card.

directed drawing of mom

Portrait of Mom (Directed Drawing)

What mom wouldn’t love to see themselves through the eyes of their child?  For this activity, you will show your kids how to draw their mothers using a process called directed drawing.  Directed drawing not only shows kids how to create detailed drawings, but it also boosts their confidence, language, and listening skills.  Watch this video to see how to teach your kids to draw their mothers using the directed drawing method.

Mother's Day Read Alouds

Here are some lovely books to pair with any of the above activities.  We have included links to purchase the books, as well as the online read alouds.  

Robert Munsch- Love You Forever-Read by Robert Munsch (6:26):  My all-time favorite Mother’s Day book read beautifully by the author himself.  I dare you to read (or watch) this book without crying.   Seriously, every year I would read this book to my kids and I would always start by telling them I was going to cry at the end, but not to worry, it was just because it is such a beautiful story about a mother’s (and a new father’s) love.  I can’t give this book enough praise. You can purchase Love you Forever by Robert Munsch on Amazon.

It’s Mother’s Day | Read Along | Children’s Book | Story Book | Kid Books (2:08): A short, kid friendly, nonfiction book about Mother’s Day that your students might even be able to read along with.  Unfortunately this book is currently out of print.  If you find one, buy it.

What Not To Give Your Mom On Mother’s Day – Kids Books Read Aloud (3:32): A silly story that will be sure to have your kids laughing.  This book is about things you shouldn’t give your mom unless she is a… bird, dog, spider…

You can purchase What Not to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day by Martha Simpson on Amazon.

Mother’s Day Story: “A Special Mother’s Day” by Alyssa Liang (2:04) : A cute story about siblings making special gifts for their mom on mother’s day.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a hardcopy of this book.  Please let me know if you find one.  

I Sang you Down from the Stars by Tosha Spillett-Sumner, is a beautiful story about a new mother to be.  It is full of gorgeous Native cultural details and illustrations.  Beautifully illustrated by Michaela Goade, first indigenous illustrator to win the Caldecott medal.  I haven’t found an online read aloud version, but I highly recommend adding this book to your library.

Mother's Day Videos

Mother’s Day (1:59): Adorable kids explain what they love about their moms.

Happy Mother’s Day Song for Kids | I Love my Mommy Song for children (3:01):  Get your kids up and moving with this fun Mother’s Day song.  Your kids will clap, stomp and jump for their mommies.

Boom Chicka Boom 🌹 Mother’s Day Songs for Kids 🌹Best Kids Songs🌹Action Song🌹The Learning Station (4:07):  If your kids like the Chicka Boom Songs, then they will enjoy singing and moving with the Learning Station.

MOMMY | Happy Mother’s Day | Kid’s Song for Mother’s Day | Jack Hartmann (2:27):  A song for mommies sung to the tune of Bingo.  A cute brain break for your kids. 

Happy Mother's Day

We wish all of you wonderful Mothers a very happy Mother’s Day!  If you try any of the above activities, we’d love to hear about it!  Leave us a comment below.

More Fun Activities for Kids

If you are looking for more great ideas for fun activities, we have plenty!  Check out our blog, Make Every Friday Fun with Fun Activities for Kindergarten.

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