Absolutely Adorable Activities for Brown Bear Brown Bear

Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? is a fantastic children’s book written by Bill Martin, Jr. and illustrated by Eric Carle.  It has beautiful illustrations and the repetitive text makes it fun for kids to be able to read along. 

Picture of Brown Bear Brown Bear book with girl eating a brown bear snack

If you don’t have this book yet, you can purchase it on Amazon by clicking on the title below.

Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr., illustrated by Eric Carle

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Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? children's book
teacher read aloud of brown bear brown bear

Brown Bear Brown Bear Literacy Activities

Chances are, you’ll have a few students who know this book.  But that’s ok, because they can read along with you.  And students new to this book can join in quickly due to the repetitive text.  This book lends itself to a great sequencing lesson.  As you read, stop several times and ask students to recall the animals they have seen so far (help your students name them in order).  At the end of the book, ask again what animals they can remember starting at the beginning of the book.  Use our free sequencing cards.  Your students will love coloring and putting the animals in order. 

Brown Bear Brown Bear Writing Activities

I always like to reread the book at writing time.  And my students loved listening to stories over and over again.  So, start by rereading Brown Bear Brown Bear.  Then ask students what was their favorite animal in the book.  Use our free writing pages that go with this book or any writing pages you have on hand.  Have students write and/or draw about their favorite animal in the book.

Brown Bear Brown Bear Math Activities

It’s gummy bear math time!  I never had a student that didn’t love this fun activity!  Model how to use the sorting page to sort the gummies, then show them how to graph their gummy bears.  Graphing can be a little tricky for some students. Tips: 1) About a week or 2 before this lesson, I sent a note to my students’ parents asking for donations of Haribo gummy bears. (I specified Haribo to match our graph).  2) Put a handful of gummy bears in a Ziplock bag for each student prior to the lesson.  3) My students had to show me their graph completed, then they could eat 2 gummy bears and put the rest back in the Ziplock baggie to take home. 

Brown Bear Brown Bear Snack Ideas

Check out this delicious snack that goes perfectly for this Fun Friday!  For the brown bear peanut butter bread you will need: 1 slice of bread, peanut butter, 3 banana slices, and 3 blue berries.  Spread the peanut butter on the bread first.  Use 2 banana slices for ears, 2 blue berries for eyes, and 1 banana slice and 1 blueberry for a snout.  Kids always love fun snacks, and this one is sure to please!

brown bear brown bear snack
brown bear brown bear snack

Brown Bear Brown Bear Movement Activities

I loved adding movement all throughout every day.  It really helped my students to be able to let some energy out and then regain focus on our activities.  When we spent our day doing Brown Bear Brown Bear activities, it was easy to use this book to add movement whenever I thought they could use it.  I would open the book, turn to any page and then say move like this animal.  For example: After turning to the page with the duck, say, “What does a duck move like?  Yes, let’s waddle around the classroom like ducks.”

Brown Bear Brown Bear Youtube

Show this short video to your students any time throughout your day.  It is a Brown Bear Brown Bear read aloud by Bill Martin, Jr., the author. 

Brown Bear Brown Bear Activity Sheets

Here are our free Brown Bear Brown Bear printables found in this blog.  If you would like to purchase the gummy bear sorting and graphing math pages, visit our store.

Free Literacy Activity Pages

Gummy Bear Activity Pages

More Fun Friday Ideas

We loved ending our week with exciting Fun Fridays like Brown Bear Brown Bear day.  If you are looking for more ideas on days themed around a book, check out our Make Every Friday Fun with Fun Activities for Kindergarten.  We created Fun Fridays on books like The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle and Elmer the Elephant by David McKee

We’d love to hear from you.  Do you have questions about this blog?  Have you tried these activities?  If so, tell us about it in the comments below.

This page contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase we will get a small commission with no additional cost to you.

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