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Who is behind 4 Kinder Teachers?


Jackie, LeighAnn and Jessica; kindergarten teachers who were lucky enough to work together as a team.   

We were ALWAYS together.  We spent before school, planning periods, lunches and after school together.  We created, revised, reflected, discussed, and analyzed all things kindergarten.  The best part was, we laughed and had fun being with each other.  We learned that collaborating was not only fun but made our teaching better and our workload lighter.  We always noticed when one of us was absent, it was as though a part of our brain was missing.


Through marriages, babies and retirements, we were no longer teaching together, but we remained great friends. While lunching together at one of our favorite restaurants, we came up with the brilliant idea of starting a business together. Not just any business, but a business that helps teachers, because we are all…






My name is Jackie. I am one of the teachers behind 4 Kinder Teachers. I am also a mom, a wife, and a nature, food, and coffee lover. I taught kindergarten for 13 years and met some of my best friends while teaching! I took a break from teaching in 2018 to be a full-time mom to my then 2-year-old daughter, RaeLeigh. Rae was born without her left foot, but this has not slowed her down one bit. She got her first prosthesis at 9 months old and has since been running circles around her father and me. Thanks to 3D printing technology, and my ingenious hubby, Rae has a variety of “legs” in all different colors; She has a pink one, an orange one (which she wears when the Denver Broncos are playing), a red one with the Husker N on it (My husband is from Nebraska, so naturally, we are all Husker fans-Go Big Red!), and a rainbow one. Her prosthetist recently made her one with adorable puppies all over it. Since Rae is not in school yet, she and I spend our time together playing school, visiting museums, and walking to the park with our little dog Tosha. I currently live in beautiful Colorado. Whenever possible, my family and I visit the Rocky Mountains to hike, picnic, and enjoy warm sun and fresh pine scented air.

I have always enjoyed creating currilculum for my kinders, but as a full time teacher, I just didn’t have the time to create the dynamic lessons I knew I was capable of. Thanks to my good friend Jessica and her brilliant idea to use our expertise and free time to help other teachers, I now get to take the time I need to create these fun, engaging and adorable activities. I would have loved using these in my own classroom! Plus, I get to work with 2 of my favorite people, my mother LeighAnn and one of my closest friends, Jessica. I am also extremely grateful to be able to stay at home with my daughter while still having this connection to teaching. I hope you enjoy using these activities and lessons as much as we enjoy creating them.




I’m Jessica Rosenthal, cofounder of 4 Kinder Teachers. I live in Cooperstown, NY with my husband, Marty, and our dog, Rugger. My husband and I LOVE traveling (mostly to beaches), live an active lifestyle, and enjoy a plant based way of eating.

I started my teaching career in 1st grade for two years, then had the opportunity to join an amazing kindergarten team (Jackie and LeighAnn from 4 Kinder Teachers) and took it! I taught kindergarten for over 10 years and absolutely loved it! A huge part of my love came from working as a team.

What do I love about kindergarten? EVERYTHING!!! I love being a teacher to students’ who’s first experience of school was in my class. I love setting routines and rituals that help students understand expectations and thrive. I love going on field trips and having play time during centers. But, my favorite thing about teaching kindergarten was teaching reading. It was so rewarding to watch and aid in a child’s ability to learn to read. I did a lot of personal development and reading and studying on my own about teaching reading. I wanted to make sure that every child that came through my class received the very best teaching. I taught advanced students and struggling students, and I wanted all my students to be challenged and grow to their highest potential.

There were years I struggled, especially at the beginning of my career.  Sometimes I felt like I couldn’t reach a student, no matter how hard I tried. But, that’s where working on a great team was so helpful.  Not only could I vent to people who truly understood, they also gave great ideas and tips that they used in their classrooms.

If you are lucky to have a great team, I’m so happy for you! But if not, we are happy to be your teammates!

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Let me introduce myself. I’m LeighAnn, a retired elementary school teacher and grandma to the adorable RaeLeigh. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to teach early education (preschool thru 2nd) for my entire teaching career. I happily admit to spending most of my 30 plus years in the kindergarten world, where creating play centers was just as important as designing reading lessons. While teaching, it was always my goal to ensure that my students were excited about learning and having FUN. I am so grateful to have begun my career with a team of amazing kindergarten teachers who were willing to share their knowledge, expertise, resources and friendship. It made me realize the importance of having a good team. I learned quickly that teachers with a collaborative network flourish. Throughout my entire career I have worked with remarkable teachers.

Nowadays I spend my professional time designing curriculum (the kind I wish I’d had while teaching) with my partners Jessica and Jackie. I am so lucky to be able to continue working in the education field with two of the best teachers I know and have worked with for over a decade. I’m excited to be a part of 4 Kinder Teachers, where I can help support and mentor teachers.

But who am I aside from teaching? I am a grandma, book club member, vegetarian, dog mommy, hater of all yard work, and I love getting together with my family. I live in Denver, Colorado, where I enjoy sunny days, beautiful mountains, and all the culture the city has to offer.

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