6 Ways to Use an ABC Chart Free Printable


ABC Chart Free Printable

An Alphabet Chart is a great tool to use when teaching the alphabet. It helps children with letter recognition, letter sounds, and letter-sound correspondence.  We have always used an alphabet chart with pictures to help kids associate the sounds with the letters.  There are so many ways to use abc letter charts.  This is a great alphabet chart for kindergarten or preschool! 

We have used these alphabet charts in so many ways: in reading and writing workshops, small groups and whole group. Here are just a few ways.  

Learning the Alphabet With an ABC Chart

When students are just learning the alphabet, teach them to point to the letters on the abc letter chart as they sing the alphabet song. Have them sing slowly so they can keep up with pointing to each letter, especially around l-m-n-o-p.


Letter/Sound Association

Help kids associate the letters to their sounds.  Tap on each letter and picture associated with the letter as you say the name of the letter and the picture.  Then tap on each letter and picture again as you say the sound the letter makes (ex. A..a..alligator, /a/…/a/…alligator).

Alphabet Match with an ABC Letter Chart

Give the students magnetic alphabet letters or alphabet tiles and have them find where the letters go on the alphabet chart.  When they find the matching letter, they place the magnetic letter on top of the letter on the chart.  Working as fast as they can will help children with letter recall.  You may want to start out with just a few letters. If you are working with a small group of students, you can give them each a handful of letters and race against each other.  When working with one student, time them as they put the letters on the chart, then have them try to beat their time. 


Letter Hunt

Kids love searching for things.  We tell them to put on their imaginary detective cap for this fun activity! The teacher says, We are going on a letter hunt!  I am going to tell you the sound the letter makes and you are going to search for the letter and point it out when you find it. Can you find the letter that makes the sound /p/?”  Students search and point to it as soon as they find it.  

Reading Workshop With an ABC Chart

Keep this alphabet chart next to your student as they are reading.  When they come across a word or sound they don’t know, have them refer to the chart to find the beginning letter and see what sound it makes.  Once they find the sound, go back to the word they didn’t know to try it again (now that they know the beginning sound).  Check out our alphabet books like the one in the picture; great for sight words and beginning sounds.  


Writing Workshop With an ABC Chart

Demonstrate how to use this chart when trying to sound out and write words.  (ex.  “I know bat starts with /b/…/b/ , what else starts the same way?”  Look at chart, find bear. “/b/../b/..bear…bear and bat both start with /b/.  Bat must begin with b.”  Write b on their paper.)  Give students a copy of the abc letter chart to keep in their writing folder or writing notebook. 


FREE Printable ABC Chart

Looking for other great alphabet worksheets?  We’ve got plenty; CVC word worksheets, Word Family worksheets, Digraph worksheets and so many more!!! Click here to check out our Alphabet curriculum!  You can get individual worksheets, or you can get a year long curriculum to teach the alphabet!

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  1. the alphabet chart that reflect the letter N and U i can never remember them for the life of me …. they are to foreign for my grandson! what can i do?

    1. Katie,
      We are sorry you didn’t receive the ABC chart. If you’re still interested, you can get it at our Teachers Pay Teachers store for free. Click on the link below:

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