10 Great Easter Videos for Kids: Fun and Teacher Approved

Do you celebrate Easter in your classroom?  Working at a public school, we didn’t get into the history of Jesus, but we did some wonderful egg experiments the week before Easter.  To learn more about these fun easy science experiments, read our blog, EGGcellent EGGsperiments.  Whether you celebrate Easter in your classroom or not, on the days leading up to Easter, kids get excited about bunnies, chocolate, Easter eggs, and more!  These fun videos go along great with your Easter activities.

easter videos for kids

Easter Videos

Inside an Easter Egg: This fun video is about Easter eggs.  It could be fun to show right before you decorate your own easter eggs. (2:53)

Easter Game for Kids / How Many Bunny Rabbits This is a counting video with bunnies, easter eggs, and chicks.  The video is quite fast, it may be helpful to pause the video to give your students more time to count. (5:06)

Bible Stories for Toddlers: If you are looking for a religious video, this video tells the story of Jesus in a kid friendly way.  (1:39)

Easter Songs for Kids

Sing along with these great Youtube Easter songs for kids.

Movement Videos

Your kids will be moving and singing with these exciting videos. 

Boom Chicka Boom / Easter Songs for Kids by The Learning Station: (3:48)

Easter Books for Kids Read Online

The Easter Egg: A beautiful book by Jan Brett, one of our favorite children’s authors.  This book is about a bunny named Hoppi, who wants to make the best Easter Egg so he can help the Easter Bunny hide the eggs on Easter morning. (10:18)

The Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever: This book is about a rabbit that went on an easter egg hunt searching for a special egg. (6:17)

It’s Easter Little Critter: Read by the author, Mercer Meyer.  Read about how Little Critter celebrated Easter.  (7:24)

Happy Easter! We hope you enjoyed these Easter videos for kids!

If you are looking for more great activities for your kids, read our blog, Make Every Friday Fun With Fun Activities for Kindergarten

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